A Brand is a Story


You as a person are a brand whether you like it or not. In fact, everything is a brand. Even a dull pencil is a brand. Your brand is your identity and your identity is made up of your values, likes and dislikes. You can use the exercise in Youligion to find your brand identity. A brand is a combination of what someone sees, feels, smells and hears. It’s the total experience combined to give someone a perception.

If people are still buying from you because of price, it’s because you haven’t given your customers a story that resonates. The research is clear that people buy because of the way the product or person makes them feel. No one cares that you’re 2% better than your competitor. People buy stories that resonate with who they are not who you are. For example someone that cares about the environment will be happy to pay the extra money for cloths at Patagonia. While someone that cares about luxury will pay ten times the price for a Luis Vuitton hand bag. A good story communicates what the product is, what it means to purchase it and why it’s important. Stories are everywhere around us but the trick is to match the right story to the right audience. And the best stories are the true stories, so be real and tell your story.

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