A Little Different


When you hear a new song that you like, it’s most likely a similar type of song to what you already like …but a little different. Too different and it may not catch your attention but a little different does. It’s why music streaming has become so successful in discovering new artists. Apple music has playlists suggestions based on what you like. Streaming sites like or Spotify allow you to choose songs by mood.

A little different doesn’t just help discovery, it can create a new category.

It was called British invasion until Jimmie Hendrix created acid rock.
It was called instrumental R&B until Beach boys created surf.
It was called heavy metal until Alice cooper created heavy metal glitter.
It was called glitter rock until Queen created theatre rock.
It was called shlock rock until Sonny and Cher created bubblegum.

These people became iconic because they listened to what the world wanted at that time and gave them something a little different.

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