About Jean-Luc


Jean-Luc was 21 years old, living out of his in-laws basement, with no business experience, no degrees and no money. Jean-Luc and his girlfriend (now wife) Chelsea jumped into business together founding Free Form Fitness a chain of award winning luxury personal training studios. The duo grew the company into four locations and into a multi-million dollar business before licensing their model and finallyselling the company in Dec, 2016.

Within those 10 years Jean-Luc also founded 8 other companies ranging from a software, to product lines to events. Some of those were failing lessons while others were sold and others he still owns. Jean-Luc has been awarded the 40 Under 40 award as well as Entrepreneur of the year by Faces Magazine. He enjoys a healthy life-balance and now spends his time sharing his thoughts on his blog every day.