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Jean-Luc was 21 years old, living out of his in-laws basement, with no business experience, no degrees and no money. Jean-Luc and his girlfriend (now wife) Chelsea jumped into business together founding Free Form Fitness a chain of award winning luxury personal training studios. The duo grew the company into four locations and into a multi-million dollar business before licensing their model and finally selling the company in Dec, 2016.

Within those 10 years Jean-Luc also founded 8 other companies ranging from a software, to product lines to events. Jean-Luc has been awarded the 40 Under 40 award as well as Entrepreneur of the year by Faces Magazine. He enjoys a healthy life-balance and now spends his time helping entrepreneurs succeed and shares his thoughts on his blog every day.

Jean-Luc is a writer, speaker and media spokesperson across many different outlets.

Jean Luc is a coach at heart. He started out his career as a personal trainer at the age of 17 with a strong passion for helping people get healthy. The early part of his career focused on exercise which led him to realize that exercise without proper nutrition didn’t make you healthy. For the next 7 years he would research everything he could about nutrition but still there was an obstacle. Nutrition only works when you stick to it and those that are stressed have a very hard time doing that.

Meanwhile Jean-Luc had built a chain of fitness studios. He had the freedom over his time and decisions. He maintain a great life balance. He had built a business that he could see himself in – leaving his heart fulfilled everyday. He wasn’t stressed or scared of not reaching a quota or losing a job. He was in his element as his own boss. That autonomy he wished upon everyone.

When Jean-Luc started to look into it he found that one study showed that 80% of people were going to jobs that they hate. That most people get sick thinking about work every Sunday.

Jean-Luc says: “When you go to a job and you already know there’s a cap on what you can achieve and on how much of a difference you can make – it erodes your self-esteem. It creates an emptiness in you. I’m not saying you need to quit your job, I’m saying you should be looking for what you are meant to do in this life. Find it and work on it a little at night. Most people don’t take the first step because they don’t know what to do. And we subconsciously don’t believe we can do it.”

In 2016, at the age of 33 Jean-Luc sold his chain of fitness studios for over seven figures. His new mission is to help people become renegade entrepreneurs.

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