Addicted to Comfort

I’m sitting on a bean bag writing this. I’m addicted to this thing. Trying to stand up from it though is quite challenging. It seems that the more comfortable you are in something, the harder it is to get out.

Like the worker that’s stuck in a comfortable job they hate, year after year never following through on their true passion.
Or the business owner too comfortable to make a drastic change. Or the self-employed accountant, chiropractor, personal trainer too comfortable to get on the internet to showcase how they’re different.

The problem is that you don’t grow when you’re comfortable. Growth comes by overcoming obstacles and obstacles need discomfort.

Why haven’t you started that thing you’ve been wanting to do?

Now, as logical as your excuse may be – question it.

People often mistake comfort for security and security for big business.

Blockbuster was comfortable until Netflix
Taxi companies were comfortable until Uber
Hotels were comfortable until Air Bnb

No company can bring you security.

Security is something you get from inside not outside.

Your intuition knows the way but your logical comfort-influenced mind paralyzes your actions.

It’s comfortable to sit back and watch or to avoid the uncomfortable work. The uncomfortable talk. It’s easy to get lured in to do a little more research. But it’s hard to take that first step. To write that blog you’ve been wanting to write. To do that video or podcast you’ve been wanting to do. To roll your ass out of the bean bag and to put your art out to the world to see.

Now enough waiting.

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