How The Amish Adopt Technology

Founder of Tesla, Space X and Solar City’s Elon Musk just tweeted yesterday that the biggest threat to humanity is artificial intelligence used for war.

Whether or not he’s right it’s clear that technology has been moving much faster than our humanity can keep up.

Just take a look at any teenagers addiction to cell phones or a toddlers addictions to iPads.

Every time we choose to adopt technology, it takes something away from us.

Replace the stairs for an escalator and you lose your fitness. Glue yourself to your iPhone and you lose the people around you.

I first heard about the way the Amish adopt technology in Kevin Kelly’s book What Technology Wants where he helps you see technology as a living thing and how humans are the reproductive organs of it.
He explores the Amish and how they have delt with technology.

Before the Amish decide to adopt a certain technology into their community – they asign one person in the group to test it out for a certain amount of time. The rest of the group then observes whether or not this technology improves or weakens the community.

If it has a negative affect on the community they don’t adopt it.

Though you may think of horse and buggy when you think of the Amish but at a time where very smart people are saying that technology is likely to wipe us out – it’s sounds like wise advice.

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