Aristotle’s 3 pillars to persuasion

I like to read old books. And when you read old book you start to notice that many of the new age books we read are simply regurgitated and re-packaged ideas of the past. Something Ryan Holliday writes about in his new age book Perennial Seller or Austin Kleon writes about in his book Steal like an Artist.

Anyways, persuasion is the greatest tool for getting what we want out of life. If we can’t raise our voice the only other option is to come up with a better argument. Persuasion is one of those attributes that has been researched and talked about for a long time. Persuasion helps you get to the next level and is the foundation of marketing and sales.

Aristotle saw 3 pillars to persuasion:

  1. Ethos: This is your character (in essence your brand) of how people perceive you. Much having to do with being positioned next to other known experts.
  2. Pathos: This is all about creating emotion through storytelling. It’s about metaphors and coining words and similes in line with the values and world view of your audience.
  3. Logos: This speaks to the other side of the brain – logic. It’s about showing cold hard facts that are hard to argue.

Are you using all three?

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