Awareness and the power of meditation


When we watch movies we become completely submersed in them. We may be sitting right next to someone on the couch but because the media is so powerful everything else around us disappears. In a sense we become part of the movie, part of the characters and our awareness narrows as if we are looking through a straw.

Same is true when we are always on our phone. We lose this awareness of the world around us and we also lose the awareness of ourselves.

The reason meditation is so powerful is because it turns that same awareness inwards with the same power that a movie would. We become aware of our body, our breath and our constant thoughts that never seem to stop.

With meditation you come to realize that you are not your thoughts, you are the watcher of your thoughts.
You are not the waterfall, you are the person standing behind the waterfall.

I can’t express to you how powerful this idea has been for me.

With this self-awareness you a get birds eye view of who you really are and you discover things about yourself that you have been doing on auto pilot but that don’t serve you or even cause you harm.

A still mind sees the difference between intuition and fear.

There’s no more powerful tool I know of then meditation to improve your life.
I encourage you to give it a try.

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