Be Remarkable


The word remarkable means “something worth making a remark about”.
Remarks move from mind to mind and should not be taken for granted.

At Pili Pili the remark is that the person working there tries to remember everyones name.
At l’Atelier the remark is the helium balloon dessert.
At Le Nordik spa it’s the fact that it’s always changing.

The remark is an idea wrapped in a story that moves from person to person.
The idea is like baseball being thrown from one person to the next.
It’s catchy, entering one mind only to be passed along to the next.

Many brands try to advertise themselves to look bigger and better than what they are.
The downfall when that works is that it deceives the people who chose to trust them.
They choose to join them only to realize it was a fake show.

And if you’ve read or listened to my book about trust, you’ll know that trust is everything if you want lasting results.

So instead of talking, try listening. Try noticing and expanding on the remarks. Be honest and always be remarkable.

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