Before you start a business get a market fit

  • Timex watches were being sold in pharmacies before they changed their position in the market and made it successful.
  • Dixie cups were sold with water fountains before they made it successful.
  • Kleenex was a makeup removal product before they made it successful.
  • 7-up was marketed as a stomach pain reliever for children before they made it success.

What these companies figure out a long the way was that their original assumptions were wrong.
That who they thought their customer where wasn’t them at all.

You would think that this type of thing doesn’t happen very often but it happens all the time. In order to avoid this mistake it’s important that you test your market beforehand. Cast a wide net and from there you will see who is willing to buy what you offer. From there you will be able to hone in on the right customer. And you will avoid wasting everyone’s time and money.

Like in sport, the person who wins isn’t the one who tries their best on the day of the event. It’s the person who leading up to the event tried their best. It’s the work you do before you launch your product that matters.

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