Being the Painter While Being the Paint


The painter looks at their business like an artist staring at a canvas. Their work being behind the scene.
The paint on the other-hand can’t see, its part of the picture. It’s what other people see.

Being the painter is the goal of every entrepreneur but it’s hard to simply jump into the role.
Most entrepreneurs are stuck in transition between being the paint and the painter.

The painter focusses on strategic work. Brush stroke after brush stroke they create systems that define results.
While the paint is simply a tactic that produces results.

Being the paint is our default, it’s easy because it takes little thinking and serves our need for instant gratification.
Being the painter on the other-hand is hard because you may not see a result for a while.

So how do you transition from paint to painter without having to hire someone else?

Block off a time each day in your calendar to be dedicated for the painters work.
Start with one hour a day and grow from there. In that time you work on strategy.

Document the process while performing a task
Instead of verbally teaching someone how to do their job, write it down as a step by step plan.
Take pictures if you need to and add them in a document.

Ask your employee to document how they do the task.
An alternative to documenting certain positions yourself is to ask you best employees to. If you have someone doing better than everyone else. Ask them to document exactly how they do it and to teach the others.

Document where you are wasting time.
Write down everything you do in a day as you do it. Every interruption. Then take a good look at the end of the day and see how you could modify each task to be more efficient.

Document your ideas.
When you have an idea don’t just forget about it. Write it down so you can work on it later.

If you can start implementing some of the ideas, you will start to see the value in spending time doing higher level work and you will start to build a strong foundation for your business.

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