Being Yourself is the Key to Leadership


I met a guy at my event today. He owns a dessert shop. He was telling me that when he first opened his place he hired his first employee and it was the first time he ever had to lead someone else.

He told me that he was so nice to that employee and that he got so close, he started to lose sight of the business goals. He felt like he was catering to her needs instead of the business’s needs. The employee ended up taking advantage of his kindness and eventually he had to let her go.

The next employee he hired, he made sure to change his approach. He became very strict and was very distant making sure to keep the boss/employee relationship known. The problem was he started hating going to work. And then one day, out of the blue the employee left for another job.

Out of persistence he tried again but this time he decided to just be himself. To be honest about any situation and to just call it as it is, in a kind way. He stopped worrying about being too close or too far or too strict or too loose. Instead just himself.

He tells me he’s had that employee for 8 years and now loves leading a team.

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