Bundling Your Habits

Following through on the habits you set in place for yourself can be challenging.
But it’s often the difference between success and failure of your goals.

Relying on motivation alone never works because motivation comes and goes like a gust of wind. If your strategy is to say “I’ll go to the gym when I feel like it” you’re never going to achieve your goal.

What creates change is consistent actions that add up over time.

Take the blog you’re reading as an example. I write a post every day but at the end of the year I’ve written a 365 page book.

Small daily habits accumulate.

An easy way to set a new habit is to bundle it up before or after an existing habit you already follow.

Like brushing your teeth, getting up in the morning or going to bed.

Let me give you an example of a recent habit I’ve set in place: A month ago I started a garden and decided I would take care of it all summer.
One of the habits I’ve been able to master is walking my dog everyday. I then made it a rule for myself that when I finish walking my dog I have to spend 10 minutes taking care of my garden.

By bundling your habit with a habit you’ve already mastered it makes it much easier to stick to.

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