Business Lessons From The Church

The church has the number one best selling book in the world and is the third largest owner of land in the world. They’re such a powerful business that people don’t even see them as one – until they go through enough weddings and funerals.

Here are ten ways the church have managed to succeed the test of time:

– Their followers meet once a week to connect and reinforce their beliefs.
– They focus on changing people.
– They have a leader that devotes their life to their mission.
– They have a clear vision and values.
– They use rituals, signs and symbols to be part of the group.
– Their logo is proudly worn by followers as a neckless or tattoo on their skin (+).
– They have memes that enter the conversation “bless you.”
– They encourage referrals.
– They lower cost by recruiting volunteers.

You’ll find the same characteristics in any top brand.

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