Your Business is Never for Everyone

Even if you sell water, something that all of us drink to survive – some people won’t buy it because they don’t believe in it.

We’re not all the same. People buy for many reasons. And if you know those reasons and focus on them you can Really differentiate yourself.

There’s no sense in trying to convince someone that doesn’t believe in what you do when there’s a bunch of people (hopefully) open and willing to buy what you sell. To have their problem solved or desire met.

So the more you can pin point who your ideal customer is the stronger you can fine tune your messaging to find more of those customers. And the less money you can waste on people who will never buy in the first place.

As customers we get upset when we don’t get what we were advertised. When our experience doesn’t live up to it’s expectation.

But who’s in charge of setting up the expectation but you? If you lie in your advertising simply to get people in the door, you’re going to pay for it in this connection economy, where anyone can put up a review. If your advertising is too vague and tries to target everyone then it will go unnoticed and reach no one.

The best and most honest way to get your messaging right is to ask your customers why they buy from you.

If you know why your customer buys from you over your competitor and you align your messaging with the reality of your business – the more of the right type of customers you are going to gain, the happier your customers will be and the more buzz and positive reviews you will get.

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