You Can’t Lead Without It

Martin Luther

Humans have a unique ability to imagine a future scenario. To connect the dots and communicate a story that can be past down to future generations. Stories that build upon themselves.

In the prehistoric days language started out as gestures and sounds. The same way that if you were to travel to a foreign country where you don’t speak their language. It’s easy to gesture “I’m hungry now” but very hard to say “I need to gather food for next year”. It’s not until we could draw that we could describe a future vision.

Drawings, written and verbal communication set the stage for our ability to gather people and make change together. The invention of the radio, TV and now the internet has magnified this communication.

Martin Luther King Jr had to communicate to make change.  He created a movement that changed America because he could imagine a future where everyone had equal rights. He did it though his writings and travels to different places. He managed to gather 250 000 people for a demonstration (note: without the use of the internet). And he spoke for his people and communicated “the dream”.

A good leader needs to believe in changing the status quo and communicate his vision regularly.

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