If you can’t stop thinking about it, you should probably do it.

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz just stepped down as CEO. Coincidently I sold my company this week. I say coincidently because in the early days of business Howard Schultz’s story inspired me. It was one of his earlier biographies called Pour Your Heart Into It that did it.

He was someone that took a risk. That took a leap of faith into the unknown. He gave up his comfortable high paying job as an executive at Xerox because he saw a vision – an idea he couldn’t get out of his head. Something that was worth more than money and security. But more impressive was the fact that he built up the courage to pursue that vision. Regardless of the obstacles in the way he knew he was going to make it happen.

Many people see a vision but they allow it to fade away. They lack the confidence to jump into the unknown.

Howard Shultz’s showed me that with determination and belief in your vision anything is possible.

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