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7 Systems for Small Business Freedom

Systems bring you freedom. They allow you to step out of your business and work at a higher level. It’s a hard thing to grasp because as a business owner – you can’t see the picture when you’re in…


Why Increasing Wages Will Lead to Less Jobs

The goal of a corporation is to make a profit. The only way to do that is to lower the cost to deliver a product or service to a customer or charge more to the customer. Business owners are…


Why Freelancers Often Just Scrape By

The cycle goes like this: You’re not busy enough so you start marketing yourself. You ask for referrals. You make an extra effort to turn your existing clients into raving fans. Maybe you send out a few emails, have…


Raving Fans

So many business owners miss the point. They focus 90% of their time and energy on trying to gain a customer. And when they gain that customer they stop and go back to trying to gain more. They let…

Business Marketing

Advertising Guidelines

I received this pamphlet in the mail for a new restaurant and it had me thinking about advertising and its guidelines. There’s a general guideline when it comes to ads that flows better to the eye. It goes something…

Business Entrepreneurship Marketing

5 Reasons I Blog

1. I get to express myself which is healthy for my mind. 2. I get to help people improve their lives in a efficient way 3. I can share my business ventures with the world 4. It helps me…