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7 simple steps to gaining customers

Grab attention (ad, post) Pull them in to your platform (store, website) Sell or give them something to collect their info Build trust overtime by sending them valuable info Sell them something else they want Analyze the sales metrics…


Do you say no?

I’ve written recently about the importance of saying yes to life. Life is meant to be lived and saying yes breaks though the mundane and brings life adventure. But what about saying no? Most business owners I’ve worked with…


Selling is helping

So many people are scared of the word sales. When they think of sales an image of a shady used car salesman comes up. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve had the privilege of meeting amazing…


2 types of people

I was having a discussion with an old wise man yesterday, someone I’ve been creating a great friendship with these days. He said something to me that resonated. He said there are two types of people in this world.…


4 business equations

There’s 4 important equations that oversee the overall success of a business. They are: Cost of acquisition, service margin, churn rate and lifetime value. Cost of aquisition How much does it cost you to gain a customer? If you…


3 truths about success

A friend of mine tells me she’s been thinking about this business idea for the last three years. She can’t get it out of her head and now she’s working on making it a reality. Many of the business…


Before you start a business get a market fit

Timex watches were being sold in pharmacies before they changed their position in the market and made it successful. Dixie cups were sold with water fountains before they made it successful. Kleenex was a makeup removal product before they…


10 things you must take responsibility for

Most people tend to avoid responsibility. As humans we are born completely dependent of our parents and we work our way towards autonomy as adults. But along the way some people get stuck. Some people in one aspect of…