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The Eagle That Died A Chicken

A man found an eagle egg and hid it in a chicken pen. The egg hatched and the eagle grew up alongside a bunch chickens. Then one day the aging eagle looked up into the sky and saw a…

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Healthy Body, Productive Mind

Billionaire Ray Dalio was doing an interview about his new book Principles which I thought was so so. But when he was asked about how his health and fitness contributes to his success. Ray was so on point. Ray…


Being the Painter While Being the Paint

The painter looks at their business like an artist staring at a canvas. Their work being behind the scene. The paint on the other-hand can’t see, its part of the picture. It’s what other people see. Being the painter…


Know Your Worth

There’s a personal trainer I used to work with that had trouble asking for money. Everyone loved him because he was talented and caring but also (secretly) because he was a bargain. People would ask for deals and he…


The Last Job I Ever Had

I was working construction as a laborer, carrying wood on my shoulder to whereever the boss demanded it. One day it got so hot outside, my co-worker had to take a break from the sun. The boss screamed at…


Playing Small Serves No One

I’ve been talking to people lately who have great little businesses but they’re playing it small because they fear putting themselves out there. If you truly believe in what you do then you will want to bring that benefit…


Jumping from Rock to Rock

My daughter Aspen was trying to cross a small stream where she had to jump from rock to rock. She stood at the edge of one of the rocks frozen in fear at the cold water below. I knew…


The Secret to Being Remarkable

My biggest weakness is by far my organizational skills. It’s something I’ve been wrestling with my whole life. I used to lie to myself saying that my chaotic work flow helped my creativity or that I was right brain…