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It’s Not The Millennials, It’s You

A business owner was complaining that everyone he hires is so lazy. He blames it on the millennial generation that don’t want to work. But he’s wrong. It’s not a people problem. It almost never is. It’s an operational…


Chasing Financial Freedom

I remember when I first started as a personal trainer. Exchanging my time for money. I was passionate. I was in my element and when I helped people change their lives I felt fulfilled. My goal was to realize…


Moving Towards Business Maturity

The oldest business in the world is a hot-spring hotel called Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamanashi, Japan. which has existed since the year 705. A business that is far into maturity. A new startup is like a teenager, it’s…


Growing a Small Business

A friend of mine was nervous to expand her shop to another neighbourhood. In her mind replicating her model seemed to be the only real way to grow her business. Right before she was about to sign the lease,…


All You Can Do Is Your Best

I was talking to an entrepreneur about a recent failure he had. He was so upset and discouraged about it. He tells me that it’s keeping him up at night. People are often down on themselves for the outcome…


Why Great Ideas Fail

In 2003, I started a business called I recruited a handful of fitness coaches including former Mr Universe Andre Maille to become a coach on the website. And the idea was to connect clients with world class coaches…


I’m a Little Overwhelmed Today

It happens to me too. So I’ll keep it short. I’ve been promoting this event that my wife and I created called Desserfest …the ultimate cheat day. It’s going on this weekend not to mention another type ofevent 2…