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Why people hate their job

One of my clients who happened to be a billionaire invited me to his office near Toronto. When I arrived a lady greeted me and gave me a tour of the whole building. Then she brought me to my…


How to trust

I used to have trouble trusting people. Maybe that’s what led me to write a book about trust. In the early days of leadership trust to me had to be earned over time. I felt like I had been…


The Future of Marketing On Facebook

Facebook changed their algorithm last week. Unless you click the follow button on my public Facebook page (which I hope you do) it’s not likely that you will ever see my posts appear again. Facebook’s new change favours family…


The Triple D’s of Productivity

Being a productive entrepreneur has less to do with what’s done in a business and more to do with how it’s done. Here is is a simple little system when things unexpectedly lands on your lap: Do it: If…


Conquering My Fear of Selling

I remember being scared of sales as a self-employed personal trainer at 17 years old. I loved the work I did but when it came to talking money I was always nervous. I mean who was I to take…


What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Most people want security. Most people are terrified of the unknown and the uncertain. Just look at all the bad jobs and relationships people feel stuck in. It’s rampant. But entrepreneurs are less like that. They pass on the…


Crafting a life that matters

How many people do you know who are stuck in a job bored out of their minds because their job provides little to no meaning in their life? Stuck because they would rather work in boredom day-after-day in exchange…


Slowing Your Growth

When you break a vase and you put it back together. And break it again and put it back together. And break it again and put it back together. Eventually the pieces don’t fit. You can only help someone…


Who Instead of What

For 13 years I was a personal trainer to some of the best business people in the country. Every 30 minutes I met with either a founder, executive or professional. As a personal trainer I would get to connect…


2 Restaurants, 1 Big Mistake

There’s 2 restaurants I visit often. The first restaurant is packed with people. You get in the door, you order and in a few minutes you get your food and try to find a table. Their efficiency is impressive.…