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Growing a Small Business

A friend of mine was nervous to expand her shop to another neighbourhood. In her mind replicating her model seemed to be the only real way to grow her business. Right before she was about to sign the lease,…


All You Can Do Is Your Best

I was talking to an entrepreneur about a recent failure he had. He was so upset and discouraged about it. He tells me that it’s keeping him up at night. People are often down on themselves for the outcome…


Why Great Ideas Fail

In 2003, I started a business called I recruited a handful of fitness coaches including former Mr Universe Andre Maille to become a coach on the website. And the idea was to connect clients with world class coaches…


I’m a Little Overwhelmed Today

It happens to me too. So I’ll keep it short. I’ve been promoting this event that my wife and I created called Desserfest …the ultimate cheat day. It’s going on this weekend not to mention another type ofevent 2…


Following Your Dream

Coco and her sister Marlo just opened up a cafe and homemade pasta bar in downtown Ottawa on Monday. Just a month ago I had asked her about her job and there was no mention of this Dreamland business.…


Lifetime Value of a Customer

The biggest obstacle to a potential customer is usually the upfront cost. Potential customers don’t know if the cost justifies the end result. Because buying something new is risky. And buying from someone new is even riskier. So why…


Embrace Your Craziness

A mother was telling another mother that she just came back from a parent teacher interview. She says her little boy received nearly perfect marks at school but the only problem is that he has too much energy and…


Traditional Media Takes Another Dive

I wrote that this would happen last year in my post You Are Now The Media. It’s fallen much deeper since then. Traditional media is losing attention from viewers every day. It’s market share is being eaten away bit…


No One is Knocking

When it comes to jumping into business I often hear the excuse that there’s already too many competitors doing what they want to do. It may be true but chances are no one is knocking. I would hire someone…


What Bodybuilding Taught Me

I did my first bodybuilding competition when I was 16 years old where I stood next to a guy that had double the leg size I did. I came last place. For the next two years I would workout…


Freedom Over Security

Nothing in life is secure. You could work for the best company and get fired. You could start your own company and fail. You could be with someone you love only to see them leave you. Security is not…


Finding The Work You Were Meant To Do

I was sitting in the lobby of the Brookstreet Hotel sipping my green tea when I saw a group of men walk along this man that seemed to capture all their attention. I looked closer and couldn’t believe it,…