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What is Dear to Your Heart?

For Buffy Sainte-Marie it was the mistreatment of Native Americans. It was a cause that was close to home. Since the 1960’s she’s been playing music, educating and protesting to help Native Americans live a better life. Her fight…


Meaningful Specific

Kids don’t grow up watching the same TV shows like we used to. They don’t all listen to the same hit songs or read the best selling books like we did. They don’t because they have more choices than…

Business Entrepreneurship Marketing

5 Reasons I Blog

1. I get to express myself which is healthy for my mind. 2. I get to help people improve their lives in a efficient way 3. I can share my business ventures with the world 4. It helps me…

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Deception Kills Trust

The angler fish lies in the sand at the bottom of the ocean. It camouflages itself to other fish while it dangles a bait to attract it’s prey. Then he kills them. The dangling isn’t the problem. It’s the killing part that doesn’t…