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Deception Kills Trust

The angler fish lies in the sand at the bottom of the ocean. It camouflages itself to other fish while it dangles a bait to attract it’s prey. Then he kills them. The dangling isn’t the problem. It’s the killing part that doesn’t…


How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Here is a simple post about how to start your blog and here is a list of things to remember before launching. Here is a list of ways to get traffic to your blog: Write about what people are talking…


New E-book for You

You can have it, it’s free and it’s in audio too. But first, let me tell you why I wrote it. For years I tried so many marketing tactics. So many ridiculous things I paid for. Some worked but…

customer cac

How Much is a New a Customer?

A guy named Brent really helped me out at the beginning of my business and I’m passing the lesson along to you. He showed me the importance of tracking everything. From the amount of calls, emails, consultations to customers…


Aiming for Better

A small business owner stopped me at Starbucks to say that he reads my blog all the time. Which is always flattering. He asked me a few questions about the issues he was facing in his business. Questions that…


What Else Can You Create For Your Customers?

Pure Yoga is a group of yoga studios in my town that could have simply stuck to yoga as in “the exercise” but instead they branched off. Instead they wanted to help their customers “live their yoga” beyond the…