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3 Reasons I Love Yoga

I’ve always recommended yoga alongside strength training and long walks. The reason I like it is that we live in a fast pace world. It often takes traveling to other countries to realize how our culture is so driven…


New Workout Program

Superlean is a 12 week program that combines exercise, cardio, stretching and nutrition to help lower body fat and gain muscle. It’s the sequel to the free (until next Thursday) Superfit program and the beginner Superlife program. If you’re…

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Get Your Kids Up and Moving

I created this chart to show you why it’s important for kids to get off the couch and move. There are certain peak ages in a child’s life where they adopt most of their coordination. If these stages are…

Fitness Tips Workouts

An Exercise for Tight Shoulders

This is a great exercise to do before your workout if you have tight shoulders. Touch your butt to the floor and then raise your hips until you’re horizontal to the floor. This stretches the chest, front delts and…

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Exercise or Nutrition?

Sitting. Our ancestors used to walk a lot and use their bodies to work. Now most people SIT in their car to get to work and SIT at their desk, SIT to go home and SIT for dinner to…

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Q&A: Do Waist Trainers Work?

Q: Jean-Luc, what do you think about those waist trainers? Corset-like devices to shrink your waist. A: It doesn’t do shit. 1. It can’t manipulate your rib structure. You can only manipulate your bone structure between the ages of…