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3 Tips to Avoid Injury [Video]

Avoiding injuries is crucial when training. An injury is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant (as well as potentially damaging) but it can also set you back immensely. Set backs are sometimes the primary reason why people fall off their…

Fitness Tips Workouts

Is it Possible to Over Exercise Your Heart?

I received a great question from someone in my community, Rob Lane, asking if it’s possible to over exercise your heart. My answer is yes but not with all types of exercise. Long distance endurance exercise performed at a high intensity can…

Fitness Tips Workouts

Shorter Workouts are More Effective

Do you avoid going to the gym because you feel like you don’t have a full hour or two to spare? Let me show you how shorter workouts can actually be MORE effective. Watch the video and then tell…

Fitness Tips Workouts

How to Never Miss a Workout

I originally wrote this one in the Huffington post here. Life as a business person is easier when you’re fit. But when I tackle a goal, I always ask myself. What’s the hard part? In business that’s often making the…