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Deception Kills Trust

The angler fish lies in the sand at the bottom of the ocean. It camouflages itself to other fish while it dangles a bait to attract it’s prey. Then he kills them. The dangling isn’t the problem. It’s the killing part that doesn’t…


The Fearless Girl

A  sculpture titled “The Fearless Girl,” appeared in front of Wall street’s famous bull yesterday to symbolize the power of women in leadership. A refreshing message after my post a few days ago about how women don’t need answers,…


100 Days of Rejection

When Jia Jiang was 6 years old his teacher embarrassed him in front of the whole class. Unconsciously the incident changed him for a long time. One day when he was 14 years old Bill Gates came to his…


The Most Important Characteristic of a Leader

A queen with no children decided to hold a competition to determine who would take her place when she died. She summoned all the children in the city to her palace and gave each one a seed. “Plant this…


Great Leaders Build Other Leaders

What if your team knew everything that you knew? How much stronger would it be? How much easier would it be to trust them? How much easier would it be to replace yourself when the time comes? A true…


School is Killing Your Childs Future

I’ve done a lot of research since my last article about how school is broken. It’s now crystal clear to me that the school system doesn’t need a tweak or a shift – it needs a complete revamp. But…