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The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time

Serious thinkers should think about spending less time on social media if they want to move beyond the noise. To generate good ideas and quality work requires quiet. Author Leo Tolstoy, JK Rowling, Stephen King, George Orwell, investor Ray…


Fighting the need for approval

I feel like I’m becoming a professional eavesdropper. I was sitting at a coffee shop yesterday and two girls sat at the table next to me. They seemed to be in their mid 20’s and were discussing their future plans.…


Drip by drip

I often get asked how to go about writing a book and I always explain that 1 blog post a day at the end of the year turns into a 365 page book. I tell them to stop waiting…


Emotionally Beautiful

We love to talk about how attractive celebrities are even though most are simply born that way. Competing on beauty standards is out of your control. Sure you can go get plastic surgery and try to play the Kardashian…


Cultivating Happiness

It’s common for us to get pulled into constant negative thinking. We may have just accomplished something incredible yet we ignore the positive and focus on the little things we did wrong. We often compare ourselves to others or…


How to meditate in 3 easy steps

When your mind is always going it’s hard to think clearly. Meditation has a way of creating space in your mind to think and it’s one of the most powerful daily habits you can introduce into your schedule. There’s…

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Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time

There is no perfect time. The conditions are never perfect. If you’re waiting for the perfect time, you’re going to wait forever. Do you want to be laying in your death bed wondering why you never went after what…


How to raise a kid with high self-esteem

Children are born with high self-esteem we just have to be careful not to destroy it. First off, it’s not what you do for your child but what you’ve taught them to do for themselves that will give them…


11 signs of a mature person

Everyone grows old but not everyone grows up. Maturity isn’t about age or intelligence. We can be totally mature in one realm and be completely childish in another. Maturity is about awareness. A mature person: Stops trying to change others…


Frozen in fear

I was talking to a friend last night and she tells me that her job is killing her. She’s been doing it for a long time and she doesn’t want to do it anymore. I asked her if she…


How to execute on your dream

I’m tired of seeing people with so much potential give up on themselves. I’m tired of hearing excuses. The best way to execute on your dream is to just do it. To stop procrastinating and start doing. Procrastination is…


6 Things You Need To Know About Overthinkers

I tend to gravitate towards big thinkers and here are some of the things I’ve noticed about them: They are always changing because they are in constant search of the truth and understanding of the world. They have a…