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Better Than Motivation

Motivation is unreliable. It’s a short lived emotion that rises and falls. Amateurs rely on motivation but professionals don’t. Professionals work on self-discipline, never relying on how they feel to get moving. They make commitments to themselves and follow through on…


The Short Story of Walt Disney

Walt Disney lived most of his childhood in Missouri. There he began drawing, painting and selling pictures to neighbors and family friends. He pursued a career as a newspaper artist where his brother Roy got him a job at…

Lifestyle Motivation

Building Self-Discipline

You want to lose weight but you also want cake. You want to get yourself out of debt but you also want new shoes. You want to start a business but you also want to watch TV. It’s hard…

Motivation Workplace

The Secret is There’s No Secret

Oprah was repeatedly molested as a child. The abuse was emotionally devastating. When she tried to run away, she was sent to a juvenile detention home – only to be denied admission because all the beds were full. She…

Lifestyle Motivation


If you want to accomplish your goal, you need to set aside time everyday to work towards it. Drop the distractions. The social media habits or the tv series that’s wasting precious time. Make it a rule to take…

Lifestyle Motivation

Getting in the Water

Jumping in means you’ve accepted that the water might be cold but that you’re willing to do it anyway. It means that you have confidence in your ability to take on the discomfort. Jumping in is the best way…