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Intuition is the Highest Form of Intelligence

Instinct is the lowest form of intelligence. It’s our primal nature that is rooted in survival. Living by our instinct today is risky. Listing to our fears is risky. It only leads to mediocrity. Intellect is rational. It’s about…


Choosing to be Healthy

Yesterday I ordered a green tea and a green juice from Starbucks. The lady looked at me and said you must be the healthiest customer we have. I laughed but then she sincerely asked me how I do it?…


I’m Not Young Enough to Know Everything

When I watch my daughter running around outside and she is caught up in the moment, climbing trees, playing with her friends, busting out in a dance; I’m reminded what life is about. Don’t chase, celebrate.…


Don’t Freeze, Act

In Greek mythology the snake was a symbol of fear. The story of Medusa and her head of snakes is that if you looked at her in the eyes you would turn to stone. Paralyzed from action. It’s a…


How to Raise a Kid With High Self-Esteem

Kids don’t really listen to what you say. They mostly mimic what you do. That means that if you really want to teach your kid something, it’s best to practice it yourself (see what I just did there). Self…


Why You Should Choose Experiences Over Stuff

I just came back from Texas with my wife. We went to visit friends we met on our previous trip. While there we visited restaurants, parks, clubs, a shooting and driving range and more. Now more than ever we…


More Responsibility = More Money

A man hired a boy to chop wood. All day he chopped away until eventually he was done in half the time the boss figured he would be done. So the boss had nothing much else to give him…


Great VS Remarkable

When you’re preparing for an event, a show or a race. It’s not the actual day of the event that matters most. It’s not whether or not you’re going to push harder that day than you did the last…