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You Can Be a Rockstar

Kristine Mirelle is a one talented artist but she’s not sitting around waiting for her music to sell. She’s on the road inspiring thousands of children and youth that: “Anything is possible” She’s telling her story all across the world.…

all in this together

We Are All In This Together

It’s May 8th and it’s snowing. The city next to us is in a state of emergency flooding. Of course that’s nothing compared to the disasters we hear about in other countries. We know there’s a problem at the…


The Rested Bird Gets The Worm

I’ve barely slept in two days. I’ve had to deal with a flood in my basement. I’m managing but I’m tired. It’s hard to write when your tired. I feel like it’s taking me twice as long to write…


Our Future is Sitting in Class Rooms

Nadia Lopez is a principle at one of the most underserved and violent neighbourhoods in New York. Because of the unfortunate environment of the kids, Nadia focuses her school around preparing these kids for the real world. Her school…



Every night we go to bed and dream. The laws that exist in our reality disappear and are replaced by endless possibilities. In our dreams we explore and create without boundaries. Dreams are not just a fantasy land. They’re…


What if Our Aim Was to be Happy?

Would we be working 8 hour days? I don’t think so. Our society is built around making and spending money. And though we need money to survive we also know that money only makes us happy to a certain…


Connecting With People With Different Views

Some of the greatest moments in my life have happenned by meeting someone I never expected. Some of the greatest opportunities have happenned the same way. But these days we are in a hurry, our heads are down, minds…