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Living in the Moment

When we live in the future, we feel anxious. When we live in the past, we feel depressed. The burdens of the past are not ours and the burdens of the future aren’t ours either. Take time to live…

Stress Workplace

How to Conquer Worry

Since you’re reading this I’m going to assume that you have access to food, water and shelter. I write this because when people worry they tend to imagine and exagerate how painful it will be to lose. That their…

Lifestyle Stress

Stress Kills

Stress is at the core of all of our issues. We all know that stress kills but I don’t think people realize how surrounded we are by it. We’re equipped to deal with short-term stress, like having to suddenly…

Lifestyle Motivation Stress

The Bully in Your Head

At the end of the day – the decision to act is not going to kill you. It may seem scary but really, you’re going to look back and realize it wasn’t that bad. In fact, you’re going to…

Lifestyle Stress

Are You Burnt Out?

Are you burnt out? If you’re not sure, here’s a super simple test you can do at home: First, shine a flashlight across your eye. With adrenal fatigue (burnout), the iris won’t stay contracted. It will gradually dilate and then…

Lifestyle Stress

How Your Relationship Relates to Your Health

A good relationship with your partner is a big part of your health. Nothing will age you faster than being stuck in a miserable relationship. Our brain is wired for connection. We know this, having studied depression and dementia…