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Trump had a winning marketing strategy from the start

No one buys magnesium to prevent a headache. People buy Advil. Why? Because a headache hurts. The major reason Donald Trump won was because he chose to sell Advil to people with pain. Hillary chose magnesium and they weren’t too…


The Lesser Liar of the Two

We know that politicians have to lie in order to win. They play to what people want to hear in order to sway the majority to their side. We know this and we accept it. Yet we still listen to what they have to say in hopes…

Motivation Workplace

The Secret is There’s No Secret

Oprah was repeatedly molested as a child. The abuse was emotionally devastating. When she tried to run away, she was sent to a juvenile detention home – only to be denied admission because all the beds were full. She…


Persuasion – You VS Them

I’m sitting at a cafe writing my post when at the table next to me I witness two different people interviewed for a job. The first woman talked for the whole 30 minutes. She talked about how she was a…


Getting things done

A valuable skill to have is the ability to get things done. It’s easy these days to get distracted by Facebook notifications or to spend your day tweeting not knowing what tasks need to take priority. Below is a chart…

women in the workforce

Women will rule the connection economy

Women haven’t been treated fairly in the workplace for far too long. But tables are turning. The connection economy is more in-synch with the female brain. The connection economy is about managing connections based on trust – which requires vulnerability…

Bruno Ferrin

3 lessons from Bruno Ferrin

In the early 1970s Bruno Ferrin a natural tinkerer started building rides in a forested area in northern Italy. He created it beside his family’s restaurant in an attempt to attract customers. Today it’s now an ecological amusement park that…


Honesty builds trust

Alice’s cafe could have easily used a discount sign leaving their customers to guess why the baked goods are so cheap. Instead they use honesty in their marketing which builds trust for the long term.…



The connection economy is built around generosity. It’s about sacrifice. But it’s not just about discounts and freebies. It’s about doing something for others with no intention of getting something back. It’s important for businesses and brands because people…


The best sales pitch I’ve ever seen

My wife Chelsea and a friend were walking just near the edge of where our hotel ends in Dominican Republic. A lady approaches them. She greets them and gently grabs Chelsea’s wrists and ties a homemade bracelet to it. “It’s…


The product is the marketing

Dave Grohl gets it. It’s not about the tools, the ads or being picked on a popular show. Now more than ever it’s about whether or not the product/person/service is worth talking about. If there’s no talking, you’re just…

Martin Luther

You Can’t Lead Without It

Humans have a unique ability to imagine a future scenario. To connect the dots and communicate a story that can be past down to future generations. Stories that build upon themselves. In the prehistoric days language started out as gestures…