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How buzz spreads about your business

Chelsea and I went to a silent disco. If you’ve never been, the way it works is that everyone wears headphones you can switch between 3 channels or colours (red, green and blue). Every colour is connected to a…


A picture is worth a thousand words

I sat through a presentation today for a design firm. The woman would present a slide on the screen filled with text and would then start talking to me. I didn’t know whether to read the slide or to…


Avoid The crazy boring zone

A brand can easily fall into crazy zone. You know that person talking about different dimensions? But an idea can also fall into boring zone. You know that person you can’t think of because they’re too boring. If an…


12 marketing archetypes

I’ve been a fan of psychologist Carl Jung for a long time. He discovered that there was 12 character archetypes that could be found in different tribes all over the world. Even in tribes that would have never come…


A different view on marketing

When I was 18 years old I met this guy that was a direct mail advertising expert. He was working for the gym I was working at and he was interviewing members as they finished their workouts. Having read…


How to stand out

It’s easy to tell someone about the Leaning Tower in Pisa. It’s a lot harder to tell them about the Pantheon in Rome. So, even though the Pantheon is gorgeous, breathtaking, and historically important, it sees 1 percent of…


I hope you’re not marketing to everyone the same?

When you’re marketing something there’s always a large group (~30%) of people that know they are not interested in what you sell. Then there’s another large group (~30%) of people that don’t think they’re interested in what you sell.…

young adult man, personnel cleaning the pool from leaves

What do your customers value?

I had a pool guy that used to clean my pool. He was starting out his business and I was excited for him. Being who I am, I wanted to help him. I kept trying to talk to him,…


My Favorite Marketing Moment

When you start a business with no money like I did you’re forced to learn how to stretch a dollar. My wife and I had friends down from Texas staying over at our place. We asked them if we…


Positioning your brand

The mind only accepts what it knows to be true. The goal isn’t to create something new or different. The goal is to manipulate and retie the connections that already exist in the mind. Don’t try to debate, trick…


Small Business Text Marketing

I went to a restaurant with my wife a few nights ago. It was packed so we had to wait. The hostess took my phone number and texted us when our table was ready. Just like that they were…


The best way to launch your product or service

Ever had an old acquaintance that you haven’t heard from in years contact you to vote or donate something for them? Contacting someone it only serves you is not going to work very well. Didn’t you learn the age…