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12 Reasons People Share What You Do

Because: It tells their friends more about who they are. It’s more fun when more people share it. It’s simplifies what they wanted to say. They may get a reward. Their friends and them may get a reward. It…


Document for Better Content

People ask me how I come up with ideas every day. I tell them, I notice things and I write them down. I may document a cool fact I could never remember by memory. I may snatch a link…


14 Problems People Are Willing to Pay For

I walked by a chiropractors office noticing a big sign in the window that said “Improve your wellness”. What does that even mean? I thought chiropractors worked with the spine? Do spinal adjustments increase wellness? Or is this chiropractor…


Why Your Brand Needs Story

The elephant caves are a dark and scary place that was used as a way to transform. A boy would have to enter the dark cave with a shaman and a candle where he saw animal drawings and sculptures…


Why You Need Stories In Your Business

The cup with the green mermaid is more valuable than the one without it. The laptop with the apple on it is more valuable than the one without it. Logos are symbols that give us a feeling about a…


A Chocolate With Every Cup

At Aroma espresso bar they give you a small chocolate with each cup of coffee. It’s more than a nice touch. First time customers are surprised by the gift and usually tell a friend about it. Current customers get…


Dyson Knows

The Dyson hair dryer is remarkable. You can buy a four star Conair hair dryer on amazon for 12.99 or you can buy a Dyson for around $500 (38 times the price). It’s expensive but people who buy the…


Be Remarkable

The word remarkable means “something worth making a remark about”. Remarks move from mind to mind and should not be taken for granted. At Pili Pili the remark is that the person working there tries to remember everyones name. At l’Atelier the remark…