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My Favorite Marketing Moment

When you start a business with no money like I did you’re forced to learn how to stretch a dollar. My wife and I had friends down from Texas staying over at our place. We asked them if we…


Positioning your brand

The mind only accepts what it knows to be true. The goal isn’t to create something new or different. The goal is to manipulate and retie the connections that already exist in the mind. Don’t try to debate, trick…


Small Business Text Marketing

I went to a restaurant with my wife a few nights ago. It was packed so we had to wait. The hostess took my phone number and texted us when our table was ready. Just like that they were…


The best way to launch your product or service

Ever had an old acquaintance that you haven’t heard from in years contact you to vote or donate something for them? Contacting someone it only serves you is not going to work very well. Didn’t you learn the age…


Marketing Triggers

A lady tries on a pair of pants only to find out they don’t fit. She decides to hire that nutritionist. The doctor tells a man he has high blood pressure. He decides to hire that personal trainer. Businesses…


What Makes a Good Designer?

All good entrepreneurs at one point become good designers. In the early years, entrepreneurs usually become successful by making the right decisions for the brand. They make decisions that exploit every opportunity within their business. But there comes a…

Taj Mahal Sunrise

The Value of Design

What is the value of the the Taj Mahal? Every day thousands of people flock there to see this beautiful palace built in the 1600’s. It brings people from all over the world to buy hotels and try different…


5 Marketing Channels for Service Businesses That Work

Customer referrals A referral is pre-sold and costs you nothing to gain. More importantly than that it’s a sign of how good you are. If you’re not getting any referrals, you’re either not good enough or you’re too complicated…


Feeling Scammed

Everyone’s felt scammed at least once. You buy something you’re excited about only to be disappointed by what it really is. When the price of ads go up the marketers get louder. They make things more flashy, bigger headlines…


7 Questions To Unlock Your Brand Story

1. Why do people really buy from you? 2. Why should anyone care about you? 3. Why do people not want to buy from you? 4. Why should anyone trust you? 5. What makes you cringe about what others…


Turning the Funnel on its Side

There’s a lot of talk these days about marketing funnels. Want to sell something? Just create a funnel they say. Find a group wanting a product. Create the product. Set up a landing page and create ads that will…


The Lock-In Effect

The lady at Starbucks is always trying to give me a gold card. She says I’m going to save a lot of money. But would Starbucks really give out a card that makes them less money? Of course not.…

marketing experience

The Best Type of Marketing

A new personal trainer starts their job. Within a few months their schedule is either packed or slow to start. The personal trainer that is slow to start may be doing everything technically right by reminding each client at…