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Us VS Them

Humans are hardwired to be part of groups for survival reasons. A recent study showed how oxytocin, the same chemical that makes us attracted to someone also pushes us away from outsiders. We’re not the only species to do…


No One Talks About Average Stuff

Repost: I went to “Art Is In” on Sunday and the place was packed. Like I mean, my wife Chelsea and I could barely move. The other thing is that people aren’t just ordering breakfast and leaving like any…


Ideas That Spread Win

I was picking up my daughter after school. As I approached the fence I could see all these kids with their lips puckered blowing air. I wondered what they were all doing until one kid said “look I’m whistling”.…

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The Power of Memes

Memes are not just some image with text on it. Memes are like genes. Except where genes in the human body replicate biologically from parent to child. Memes replicate psychologically from mind to mind. Memes are ideas. Complicated memes…


Who sold that house?

Every time a realtor sells a house the sign lets the whole street know who sold it. Unless you have a personal relationship elsewhere, it’s pretty hard not to choose the realtor that sold all the houses on your…


12 Reasons People Share What You Do

Because: It tells their friends more about who they are. It’s more fun when more people share it. It’s simplifies what they wanted to say. They may get a reward. Their friends and them may get a reward. It…


Document for Better Content

People ask me how I come up with ideas every day. I tell them, I notice things and I write them down. I may document a cool fact I could never remember by memory. I may snatch a link…


14 Problems People Are Willing to Pay For

I walked by a chiropractors office noticing a big sign in the window that said “Improve your wellness”. What does that even mean? I thought chiropractors worked with the spine? Do spinal adjustments increase wellness? Or is this chiropractor…