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How to Market Yourself

Marketing is about giving the person you want to help the right message in the right place at the right time. First off, you must know that it’s not about you. It’s about them. Who is your ideal fan…


Public Speaking Pet Peeve

Have you ever been reading something while someone asks you a question? You can’t read and listen at the same time. The same part of the brain is at work. Yet so many speakers stand there talking to the…


Stop Playing it Safe

Or be ignored. There’s no sense in worrying about what people will think. Worrying about your reputation. Worrying about wether or not you will offend someone with your views. It’s your view and you’re allowed to have it as…


Your Story is a Powerful Tool

My wife and I did a live video on my Facebook page about a week ago. We asked people to submit their application for a chance to partner with us in creating a business. In 24 hours we received…


Where’s Your Story?

I was at the farmers market Sunday to pick up a large bottle of Kombucha from Agape Gardens. I noticed the logo on the bottle had changed so I asked the owner why she changed it. She told me a…

marketing is story

We Don’t Buy What You Do, We buy Why You Do It

Looking at this ugly label, you would never think that Dr. Bronner’s soap company has over 150 employees and a revenue in the 100 million dollar mark. You would never imagine that it would have celebrity fans such as Lady Gaga…


Your Business is Never for Everyone

Even if you sell water, something that all of us drink to survive – some people won’t buy it because they don’t believe in it. We’re not all the same. People buy for many reasons. And if you know…


False Advertising

This week Poland Spring water – a sister company of Nestle got caught false advertising their water. They advertise spring water that turns out to be tap water. Nestle has been exposed draining lakes around the US too. The…


Rules are meant to be broken

When I started out in business I didn’t know much. I was pretty naive (though being naive has it’s benefits or at least we think so) I had many mentors and read a bunch of books but I still…


Different Boats for Different Folks

There’s many reasons to buy a boat. Someone who wants a rush will buy a speed boat. Someone who wants to party will buy a pontoon boat and someone who wants to fish will buy a fishing boat. Though…


Word of Mouth

Please Don’t Tell is a cocktail bar in NYC that was recommended to me by 3 different people. If it wasn’t for the recommendations and the directions there’s no way I would have found it. The bar doesn’t have…


Stories, Rituals and Power

Take a look at a court room. The people at the front wear long black robes.  They give each other the “judicial handshake”. They’re all seated by seniority with the judge in the middle sitting higher than everyone else.…


Safe is Risky

Last week my Facebook timeline was filled with pictures of a giant mechanical dragon that came to my city. It was the talk of the town and was in every news outlet. The problem with playing it safe these days…


How to Spread Your Ideas in 3 Steps

Ideas spread through our culture in a similar manner as infectious diseases do. There are two components that make a disease spread rapidly. How strong the disease is in contracting each individual How easily it is transferred from person to…