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Why You Need Stories In Your Business

The cup with the green mermaid is more valuable than the one without it. The laptop with the apple on it is more valuable than the one without it. Logos are symbols that give us a feeling about a…


A Chocolate With Every Cup

At Aroma espresso bar they give you a small chocolate with each cup of coffee. It’s more than a nice touch. First time customers are surprised by the gift and usually tell a friend about it. Current customers get…


Dyson Knows

The Dyson hair dryer is remarkable. You can buy a four star Conair hair dryer on amazon for 12.99 or you can buy a Dyson for around $500 (38 times the price). It’s expensive but people who buy the…


Be Remarkable

The word remarkable means “something worth making a remark about”. Remarks move from mind to mind and should not be taken for granted. At Pili Pili the remark is that the person working there tries to remember everyones name. At l’Atelier the remark…


The Steve Jobs Advantage

I’m looking around this coffee shop and all I see is shinny grey MacBooks with a white Apple on it. When the cover is shut, the apple is upside down to the owner of the Macbook. But the symbol…


Design Creates Emotion

Guess which shape is Bouba and which shape is Kiki? If you’re like 95% of the people surveyed you will guess that the rounder shape is Bouba and the spiky shape is Kiki. Good design sparks an emotion. Design needs…


The 5 Merchants

I was in Cozumel a few days ago and I was walking by 5 merchants who stood side by side selling the same kind of stuff. A tourist was walking in front of me and was interested in buying…

Business Marketing

Advertising Guidelines

I received this pamphlet in the mail for a new restaurant and it had me thinking about advertising and its guidelines. There’s a general guideline when it comes to ads that flows better to the eye. It goes something…