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5 Reasons I Blog

1. I get to express myself which is healthy for my mind. 2. I get to help people improve their lives in a efficient way 3. I can share my business ventures with the world 4. It helps me…

Business Marketing

Design Matters

I was walking in the mall last week and the Squish storefront stopped me in my tracks. The colours, name, font, spacing and the fact that it’s bilingual – I loved it. I went in and asked who did the design and…


Marketing is Storytelling

Information passed on as simple data can barely be retained (7-10%) while a story has the magic of making you remember every detail (65-75%). Humans are obsessed with stories. Stories in the news, in the movies on your Facebook…


One Pole at a Time

Textile artist Magda Sayeg started an unusual movement called “yarn bombing”. She wanted to change how cold and impersonal the urban environment felt. So she decided to add colourful knit to things like polls and fire hydrants. A funny…


Word of Mouth Statistics

74% of consumers identify “word of mouth” as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. That means that at least 7 out of 10 people looking to purchase the type of thing you sell will look to their friends…


The Reason Your Marketing Failed

First off it needs to stand out and that means taking a risk. But more than standing out, it needs to build curiosity. I was at the national gallery with my wife the other day when we came upon…


The Day I Fell In Love With Marketing

When I first opened my business I didn’t have any contacts in my area. I was right next to a technology hub of companies. One day I went on a mission to get CEO’s in the door. I decided…