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Q&A: Do Waist Trainers Work?

Q: Jean-Luc, what do you think about those waist trainers? Corset-like devices to shrink your waist. A: It doesn’t do shit. 1. It can’t manipulate your rib structure. You can only manipulate your bone structure between the ages of…

Nutrition Q&A

Q&A: How Many Carbs Should We Take in Each Day?

A fantastic question from Natacha Paquette and Raymond Lavictoire: how many grams of carbs should we take in per day? The short answer is that most people should take in between 50-200g a day. Here’s why: Carbs produce insulin…

Nutrition Q&A

Q&A: Is Orange Juice Good for You?

It’s Q&A Wednesday! Today’s question is one that I get asked quite a bit and that is: is orange juice healthy? Here’s my response: You might as well have a Pepsi and a multivitamin for breakfast. Orange juice is…

Nutrition Q&A

Q&A: Does Saturated Fat Cause Heart Disease?

It’s Q&A Wednesday! Today’s question comes from something I hear all the time from my clients: “But Jean Luc, I can’t eat eggs, meat, coconut oil or butter… Doesn’t saturated fat cause heart disease?” Here’s my answer to this: No, it…