What Change Are You Trying to Make?


I took a long walk with a friend a few weeks ago.
She owns a yoga studio and wants to start promoting herself online.

She had a lot of questions about how she should go about it.
Whether she should be the face for the videos versus her instructors.
Whether she should start a blog or create content for each platform.

All these questions are great but the starting question should have been, what change are you trying to make?
If you don’t know the precise change you are trying to make then you can’t figure out what the best way to get there is.

Leadership is about creating a change.

A man was selling coaching programs to different institutions.
An old business guru asked “is it working”
The man replied “yes”
The business guru asked “how do you know?”
The man replied “I’ve sold thousands and profits have never been higher.”
The business guru said “but is it working?”
The man looking puzzled replied “yes of course”.
The business guru asked “how do you know?”
The man said “I don’t know”

If there’s no change, there’s no point because it’s never going to last.

So what’s the change you’re trying to make?
What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?

Start there.

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