Chasing Financial Freedom

I remember when I first started as a personal trainer. Exchanging my time for money.

I was passionate. I was in my element and when I helped people change their lives I felt fulfilled. My goal was to realize every clients full health potential. The more you research the more you realize how many facets there are to health. To be optimally healthy it’s more than the food you eat or the exercise you do. It’s psychological. It touches on sleep, mindset, stress, work life, relationships. Any of those can destroy your health. Which explains the wide range of topics I share on this blog. But I’m a big proponent of practicing what I preach and something had been bothering me. Though I had a good grip on most aspects of my life, my business wasn’t even close to reaching it’s full potential.

I wanted freedom. That’s what it was always about for me. I never cared for materials because I had grown up happy with very little. I just wanted enough money to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

To do that I knew there would be a confidence gap to cross. That I needed to face my fear and jump in. And I did. I jumped into a quarter million dollar debt and business got hard. Like really hard. I had to balance rent, staff, repairs and a never ending list on top of managing clients.

And here’s the thing: My passion for helping individual clients was dwindling. It was starting to turn to a job.

Then I business mentor named Martin Horne told me something that went something like this: “You going to count reps your whole life?”

Counting reps! I felt insulted for weeks. It struck a nerve. But then it started to set in. He was right. I could do more. Martin has an unconventional way of nudging people.

It took me many years to realize that spending my time personaly training people was getting in the way of running the business. I started to hate answering questions about diets and exercise. I started to feel like a parrot repeating the same stuff. The passion was dwindling because I knew I could do bigger things if I lead.

One day, out of the blue, I stopped training people. I focused on the operations. The branding. The hiring. The marketing. I read 3 books a weeks about business. I opened 4 studios, licensed them for other cities and sold them for more than a million dollars.

When you start to realize that you should be the leader and not the expert – that’s when your passion turns into a job. You can choose to stay comfortable and fulfilled (which is fine too) but if you want freedom, realize that you need to become the painter, not the paint.

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