Cultivating Happiness

It’s common for us to get pulled into constant negative thinking. We may have just accomplished something incredible yet we ignore the positive and focus on the little things we did wrong. We often compare ourselves to others or to an image of ourselves instead of realizing how far we’ve come from where we started. We fail to see the good around us. The nice people, the freedom we have over our choices.

But positive thoughts don’t just appear. I takes work. It takes changing your point of view and deciding to see the good.

Our thoughts become our reality so it’s important to cultivate positive thoughts. When you don’t believe a thought in your mind, it doesn’t create an emotion. The trick is to change it as soon as it enters your mind. The longer you hold on to negative thoughts the more it gets hard wired and the harder it is to change.

Try this: Every morning start your day by expressing 3 things you’re grateful for. When obstacles arise, accept that obstacles are an on-going process of life and force yourself to see the good in the situation. When negative voices pop up during the day change it, and realize that you’re not dying or starving for food, you’re safe and you have a roof over your head, the rest is all bonus.

Have a fabulous day!

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