Dangerous Business Advice


Randi Zuckerberg thinks life-balance is an illusion if you want to be successful. She believes that you have to give up two out of four priorities that include: sleep, friends, time with your family or fitness – in order to achieve great success. And it seems like many people agree considering the amount of retweets she received.

This is dangerous advice. I’ve seen people have heart attacks and die because this was their mindset. I’ve seen this mindset destroy relationships between families and friends – all in the name of chasing success. People that say that life-balance is an illusion just haven’t figured it out yet and often won’t until something tragic happens.

Nothing in those priorities she named are worth removing.

Sleep controls your mood, creativityattention span and memory. Poor sleep pre-ages you and will only make you worse across all categories.

Friendships make you happy (especially quality friendships). Isn’t that what life is about, happiness?

Epicurus spent much of his life studying happiness and determined that friends are the most important.

“Of all the means to insure happiness throughout the whole life, by far the most important is the acquisition of friends.”

Fitness, like sleep improves your thinking skills, health and happiness. But neglecting to exercise will mean a steep decline in strength and overall wellbeing.

Life-balance can be accomplished with the right structure


Instead of neglecting a category, figure out what you realistically desire from each category and find the most efficient way to incorporate a piece of it into your daily life. The concept is to break down your big actions into smaller daily actions that will become habits overtime. 

Set realistic rules for yourself and always remember that ten minutes a day is better than zero minutes a day.

Don’t give up on life balance, it enhances every aspect of your life.

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