Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety comes from desire. If you don’t desire anything, you have nothing to be anxious about. If you realize that you have all you need – anxiety disappears. Anxiety comes from living in the future instead of the present moment. Rushing day after day is the enemy of joy and fulfilment.

Instead look to be “in the moment” every chance you can. This doesn’t mean you can’t set goals and aim towards them. It’s simply a shift in your view. Nature is accomplished but it’s not rushed.  It’s easy to fall for the trap that getting more emotional – more  angry or aggressive will make you achieve better results but it’s not the case. The loading button doesn’t load any faster because you’re mad at it.

Do your work and keep the future out of it because the outcome is out of your control.

Look to the little joys in your day, live in the moment and know that everything you need, you already have.

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