Death as a teacher


Last Saturday my team at MIYAGI and I were cleaning up the beach as part of our commitment to creating a better community. While we were there I noticed an old man in a wheel chair that looked quite sick, he was with what seemed like his son who had rolled him out near the beach so he can enjoy the scenery. Looking at the old mans gaze in his eyes you could tell that he wasn’t thinking of yesterday or thinking about what he had to do next week. You could tell he was in complete awareness of the present moment and he was soaking in the beauty of the world around him.

Death is the greatest teacher. Death shows us that we are not our body. Death instantly makes us all the same. Death teaches us all the things we cling to are irrelevant.

But you don’t have to wait for death to learn these lessons. You can be one of the rare ones who realize them early. Who realize that this week could be your last. That the things you are worried about you should let go, that you should live a life of kindness and that life is about living it.

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