Do What You Say You Will


It’s that simple.

We used to shake hands and it meant something.
It meant that we can trust each other.

We had integrity. And our reputation was based on it.

But so many people have no integrity these days.

Making integrity a very special characteristic.

Integrity is about doing what you say you will every time.
It’s about what you do when no one is watching.

Takers have no integrity.

Takers are selfish.
They promise things they can’t deliver.
They only maintain superficial relationships.
And they’re usually the loud ones choosing to promote themselves at the expense of servicing their clients.

To spot a taker, ask their clients and past clients about them.

Givers on the other hand have integrity but are often hard to find because they’re too busy doing remarkable work for their clients.

They care.
They go above and beyond what they said they would.
Their humble and they focus on building deep relationship with clients.

Since integrity is often hard to find, it’s now a competitive advantage.

You have to look at the bigger picture.

Don’t treat clients like a one time transaction, treat them like a friend for life.

Turn prospects into friends and friends into raving fans and your business will grow forever.

People tend to over look the small intangibles.
But if you have integrity you have everything.

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