Do You Have An Excuse Plan?


Research shows that only 8% of people are able to convert their New Years resolution into a regular habit. 

People tend to start off strong but when life gets busy and motivation starts to fade away, excuses start to pop up. 

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get organized or learn something new – it helps to write down a list of the most likely excuses that will come up and what you will do about it.

For example, 3 months ago I made it a goal to walk my dog every day for 25 minutes. Here’s my excuse plan.

Most likely excuses:

  1. It’s too cold outside.
  2. It’s raining.
  3. I’m tired, sick, don’t feel like it.
  4. I have no time in the morning.

How I will deal with them:

  1. Keep your winter clothing by the door
  2. Keep in umbrella by the door
  3. It’s a walk, do it
  4. Make up for it at night, no matter what. Keep flashlight by the door.

Ofcourse this exercise is useless without self discipline but creating an excuse plan will help minimizes your chances of getting off track.

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