Do you say no?

I’ve written recently about the importance of saying yes to life. Life is meant to be lived and saying yes breaks though the mundane and brings life adventure. But what about saying no?

Most business owners I’ve worked with have a problem saying no. It’s one of the greatest barriers to a thriving business that serves your life in a balanced way.

So, where should you say no?

You can’t grow a business if you can’t delegate. Often the business owner continues to do work that should be delegated because they don’t think anyone is good enough to do it. Initially this is true but with a systematic way to transfer the skills it’s possible that a staff member end up better than you. You have a lot of responsibility as a business owner and a lot to think about to be able to do every job well. Delegating is one of the ways you can start saying no and allow your team and your business to grow.

Another place business owners fail to say no is that that they fail to put boundaries on their time. They’ve backed themselves into a corner by being responsive to customers and staff at all times. Having an open door policy is a great way to get nothing done. Business owners must guard their time by saying no in order to be playing offence instead of always playing defence.

The other place to start saying no is to have the self-discipline to prioritize the vital choices you’ll need to make each month, quarter, and year. Prioritizing is tough work because you have to say no to a list of important things that fit outside your priorities. But saying no has everything to do with whether you succeed or not.

You only have so much time in the day. You can’t be two places at once and you only have so much mental space to focus and to come up with that next great idea.

Continue to say yes to life but when it comes to a goal like a business goal, saying no may be your greatest weapon.

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