Document for Better Content


People ask me how I come up with ideas every day.

I tell them, I notice things and I write them down.

I may document a cool fact I could never remember by memory.
I may snatch a link to a study I came across.
I may capture an interaction between two people at the mall.
Or jot down a question from a friend.

Producing creative content is about giving your point of view.
Showing us your life as it relates to what you and your fans care about.

But it takes preparation to be creative.

Dance choreographer Twyla Tharp writes in her book The Creative Habit:

“Before you can think out of the box, you have to start with a box.”

Joanne Rivers had a whole room dedicated to boxes. All her jokes were filed on index cards by category.
Jerry Seinfeld does the same thing.

But it’s not just comedians. Authors, poets, inventors, bloggers and just about anyone creating content at a high level does this.

These days it’s easy. You can use notes on your phone or you can use a tools like Evernote.

You can choose to publish on the go or use it to craft better stories depending on the audience you want to attract.

But if you’re not documenting, you should probably start.


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