Drip by drip


I often get asked how to go about writing a book and I always explain that 1 blog post a day at the end of the year turns into a 365 page book. I tell them to stop waiting and start writing daily. Now I’ve realized that this is less of a technique than it is a mindset that goes against our primal nature. Which I wrote about here. It’s this procrastination mindset that stops people from achieving their goals and ultimately their dreams.

Now the drip by drip mentality of consistency doesn’t just apply to writing, it applies to all fields. Want to get fit? Show up everyday. Want to build a business? Show up everyday. Want to learn to play an instrument? Show up everyday.

Drip by drip it becomes an ocean.

I explain this to people and they usually nod in agreement but then they don’t do anything with it.

Worst than not knowing something is knowing something and not doing anything with it.


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