Einstein couldn’t speak by the age of 3

I left the Einstein Museum a few days ago with a new perspective about him.

As a kid Einstein hated school and would often skip class.

He read his first book at the age of 10 – a popular scientific book call kraft und stoff.

He then fell in love with reading. By age 13 he read Kant’s Critique of pure reason. Which lead him to read about geometry then mathematics.

He was a non conformists and a mediocre student that failed in language. After school he couldn’t find a job for many years.

He enjoyed reading and having deep discussions with friends.

It took him 15 years from the time he came up with his theory of general relativity for people to take him serious. He had to go to Russia to get the right solar eclips at the right time to show the world he was right.

This was the start of what we know of the genius Albert Einstein today.

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