Embrace Your Craziness


A mother was telling another mother that she just came back from a parent teacher interview. She says her little boy received nearly perfect marks at school but the only problem is that he has too much energy and is always acting a little crazy looking outside and talking to everyone.

She then explained how she was going to start a reward/punishment chart at home to help him focus and if not he may have to see the doctor for medication.

I know adults that act like her boy. We call them connectors or networkers and they do very well in life.

Albert Eistein was a bad student. So was Richard Branson and Steve Jobs. Most creatives are.

If you study iconic figures you start to realize that most of them spent their school days wanting to look outside the window rather than listen to a teacher. That they were also considered crazy by many.

Society wants everyone to be the same. To obey and become a cog in the wheel. A follower.

Those who don’t fit the mould are considered misfits.

Geniuses are rare not because they are rarely born.
Genius are rare because it’s so hard to escape from the conditioning of society.

Children are like flowers, guard them so they can be themselves.

Lead by example and let yourself be your true self and embrace your craziness.
Because that’s what makes you different and that’s what makes you shine.

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