Entrepreneurship On the Side

Norm had a problem. Every week he searched for fun things to do in the the city of Ottawa but it was time consuming. He would go from one site to the next searching Google, then Facebook, Meetup, then Twitter to try to find the best events. Instead he wished he could simply receive an email with a complete list of events every week.

Inspired by this idea and with a little nudge from me, Norm went to Mailchimp and created an email list – and for $10 a month he started to put together his list and now sends it out every Wednesday.

Norm started telling his friends. A few shared it and the list started to grow organically because it solves a problem that many people have. Now event promoters are contacting Norm to be included in his list and Norm charges them a fee if the event promoter wants to give the list some special perk to encourage the subscribers to attend their event.

You don’t need a lot of money to start a business. You can do it on the side and it doesn’t have to be complicated either. You just need a solution to a problem. If you can solve a problem better than anyone else than you have something. And if you focus on adding as much value as you can to ignite conversation – then you will grow with and because of your subscribers, customers or fans. This is the best type of business.

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