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Exercise or Nutrition?


Our ancestors used to walk a lot and use their bodies to work. Now most people SIT in their car to get to work and SIT at their desk, SIT to go home and SIT for dinner to then SIT and watch TV.

For people with this lifestyle, yes, exercise is important. You need to move to be healthy and most people aren’t moving enough.

Nutrition is the bigger problem for most.

Our ancestors used to live off the land eating meat, vegetables and anything they could find in nature. Now we eat foods like products. Foods that have been stripped away of their nutrients and are often filled with chemicals. Toxic cereals and breads, spreads and sauces, fake meats, pasteurized milk, pesticide covered vegetables, fake juices (made to look healthy) and pop… not to mention foods in the junk food category.

So, if you want to get fit, happy and healthy, start adopting our old ancestral habits. It’s hard in this day and age but it’s possible if you want it bad enough.


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