Fear is the Enemy of Freedom


We grow up with our parents telling us to obey the rules or else…
The school system tells us to obey the rules or else…
Religion and politics tell us to obey the rules or else…

Our whole society is built around obedience.
And obedience works on fear.

Do this or else something bad is going to happen.

No wonder we are so scared.

Lets not sugar coat it, obedience is slavery. It teaches us how inferior we are. The master and slave relationship clearly defined. Like a herd of sheep we are poked towards the gate opening. Told that following the crowd is safe. That if we follow we will be accepted by everyone (except for ourselves). The crowd doesn’t think, it only feels. It reacts to stories of emotion pushed down through the media and shared by those who believe in it.

Like a dog who’s been trained to stay home and sit quiet. We too fear going out on our own. Just look at the fear someone has of expressing themselves or of following their own path in life. We fear failure. We fear what others will think of us. What our parents or employers will think. We fear making a mistake. We fear being too loud. We fear being fully ourselves.

In short, we’ve been conditioned to sit down and shut up – and that has turned us into a bunch of coward clingers of fear.

What do cowards do? They hate.
Why? because it’s all they know.

Finally they get the chance to rebel and have the power they never had.

Hate is a mask for fear.

Racism, sexism, ageism all look like hate but they’re rooted in fear of loss.

Loss of self, loss of control, loss of power.

It’s all they’ve been taught through obedience.

So how do we conquer hate?

Well by conquering our fears. By realizing a real threat from a fake one.

Fears like thinking you are going to hell.
Fears that you’re not worthy.
Fears of choosing a different view.

By healing ourselves of guilt and shame we move towards love.
We know that we can’t cure hate with hate so we must cure with love.

That journey starts with loving yourself.

And when you can fully love yourself you can love others.
And when love is all you know, you will be free.

Also published on Medium.

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