Finding The Work You Were Meant To Do


I was sitting in the lobby of the Brookstreet Hotel sipping my green tea when I saw a group of men walk along this man that seemed to capture all their attention. I looked closer and couldn’t believe it, I got off my chair and went and introduced myself. I told him that the night before I had written a review of his book. He’s from the UK and was living in California and here I was randomly running into someone who’s video had moved me. Who’s books had changed me. Sir Ken Robinson‘s video Does School Kill Creativity? Is the most popular video on TED.com with over 44 million views. His two books Out of Our Minds and The Element inspired me to find my passion.

Different people have come up with ways of figuring out what you were meant to do.

In the book The Element, Sir Ken Robinson suggests two questions:

1. What subject came easy to you in school?
2. What do you enjoy doing?

The goal is to merge the answers together into your work.

Others have told me they swear by the this venn diagram that says you should merge together something:

1. You’re good at
2. That makes people’s lives better
3. That will make you feel appreciated

Mythologist Joseph Campbell comes at it from a tribal mythology angle where he concludes that we should follow what brings us joy.

Peter Thiel the author of Zero to One who founded Paypal and led a team to become billionaire entrepreneurs who went on to create Youtube, Yelp, Linkedin, Tesla, Space X asked his team:

1. If you had a billion dollars to spend what problem would you solve in the world?

I’ve found it a hard for people to answer that one because it’s so broad so I categorized them.

What problem would you solve?

1. Animals
2. Health
3. Planet
4. Equality
5. Education
6. Art

There may not be any set way of finding out what you are meant to be doing
but hopefully I’ve given you enough questions to ponder to find the answer.

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