Follow Your Bliss


Don’t be scared to follow the road less travelled.
Listen to your inner voice.
Don’t let others opinions get to you.
Playing small doesn’t serve the world.
But start with yourself.
If something interests you, go for it.
For all you know, we have one life to live – so live it.

We are all born to shine but the system has failed us.
The system has tried to make us the same. To be mediocre.
To follow the same path.
To obey. To not question.
We’re born in fear and we die in fear.
It’s tricked us into thinking we can’t follow our bliss.
That it’s risky. That it’s unrealistic. That it’s dangerous.

We need to wake up. Wake up by stepping out of the conditioning that was placed upon us.
Forget the money. The money will come as a result of putting your whole heart into your work.
There’s more to life.
If a girl is born amongst dogs, she thinks she’s a dog.
If an eagle is born amongst chickens it thinks it’s a chicken.
Listen to your inner voice.

When we step out into our own light we create a ripple effect for others.
We give others permission to be free.
Don’t be scared – free yourself.

Rant over.

Also published on Medium.

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