Following Your Dream

Coco and her sister Marlo just opened up a cafe and homemade pasta bar in downtown Ottawa on Monday.
Just a month ago I had asked her about her job and there was no mention of this Dreamland business.
She tells me she had been thinking about it and decided to do it on a whim a month ago.

She built up the courage, brought her sister a long and decided to jump in.

I love this because so many people are sitting there waiting to be picked, waiting for the next piece of paper.
Waiting for a map to guide them towards their dreamland. So many people with so much to give yet paralyzed by their own fears.

The reality is that if you dive in with heart and grace you’re going to succeed. You’re going to succeed because not many people are willing to pour their heart into it.

But even if you don’t succeed. The lessons in that journey are worth the risk.
So you can’t lose. You either win or you learn.

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