Freedom of Choice


I felt sad. I was waiting for my little girl to finish dance class when a women asked a father sitting across from me if he is going to make the dance recital in a few weeks. The man looked down at his feet with disappointment. He said he won’t be able to make it, because he has to work. Now, I know many people are in this situation doing honourable work so the point isn’t to bring them down.

I just want to express that as being an entrepreneur it shocked me. To think that I would have to put my biggest priority a side.

When people think of jumping into entrepreneurship, they have this misconception that you will always be busy. Of course if you don’t manage your boundaries well this can be true but for most they choose to be busy because they love what they do.

Having the freedom to choose is the most valuable part of being an entrepreneur and I’m grateful for that everyday.

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